Excel Swivel Craft Knife
Excel Swivel Craft Knife

Swivel Craft Knife

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This Swivel Craft Knife is great for crafting and scrapbooking, the swiveling blade is exceptional at trimming along arcs and cutting out curved designs.

The small blade swivels 360 degrees and is good for cutting thinner material like paper, foam, and vinyl.

The knurled handle provides a slip resistant grip, and the slim design makes it easy to hold in a pencil style hold.

Comes with one replaceable Swivel Blade (#64) and a safety cap.

The blade is housed inside of a removable portion of the handle.  To replace the blade simply unscrew the end of the handle, slide the old blade out and slide the new blade in, then screw the handle piece back on.  The blades are razor sharp so please be careful.

Compatible only with Excel Blades Swivel Blade (#64).

Not intended for use by kids under 14 years old.



  • Made by Excel Blades of New Jersey
  • Aluminum Knife Handle
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Safety Cap IncludedMade in the USA
  • Made in the USA

Measures Approximately:

  • Handle is 4-7/8” long x 5/16” in diameter
  • Weighs 0.8oz

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