Forged Base Stand-Tavern Puzzle
Forged Base Stand-Tavern Puzzle

Forged Base Puzzle Stand

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This stylish stand is handmade from mild steel and is meant for displaying one tavern puzzle.  It features a forged construction with pads on the bottom of the feet so it doesn’t slide around or scratch up your desk.

Keeping your puzzles close at hand means you will be more likely to play with them whenever you have a couple of minutes, and this stand is perfect for keeping an unsolved puzzle within arm’s reach while also adding rustic appeal to the setting.

Made to last for generations.


  • Made by Tucker-Jones House, Inc of New York
  • Forged from mild steel
  • Made in the USA

 Made in the USA

Measures Approximately:

  • 14-1/4” tall
  • 3-3/4” footprint
  • Weighs 8.1oz

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