Excel Razor Saw Set
Excel Razor Saw Set

Excel Razor Saw Set

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Item Number:EXB1000R

Razor Saw set for precision cutting of various materials including: wood, plastic, and soft metal.  Use it in conjunction with the Excel Mitre Box (sold separately) to make precise 45° and 90° cuts.

The slender fine toothed saw blade is designed to cut on the pull and has 46-teeth per inch.  Can cut material up to 7/8” thick.

Excel’s heavy duty plastic knife handle is included in the set and can be used with Excel knife blades in addition to the saw blade.
The handle is compatible with Excel Blades: #2 / #18 / #19 / #22 / #23 / #24 / #25 / #26 / #27 / #28.

It is also compatible with Excel Routers: #710 / #720 / #730 / #740; and Excel Gouges: #310 / #320 / #330 / #350 / #360.

To swap out saw blades or knife blades simply loosen the chuck on the handle and slide the old blade out, then slide in the new blade and tighten the chuck again.  Excel blades are razor sharp so please be careful.

Not intended for use by kids under 14 years old.



  • Includes One Razor Saw Blade and One Handle
  • Made by Excel Blades of New Jersey
  • Steel Saw Blade
  • Aluminum and Plastic Handle
  • Made in the USA

Saw Blade Measures Approximately:

  • The cutting portion is 5” longMade in the USA
  • 1-1/4” wide overall and 7/8” wide to the spline

Heavy Duty Knife Handle Measures Approximately:

  • Handle is 4-1/2” long x 3/4” in diameter
  • Shank is 3/8” in diameter
  • Weighs 2.1oz



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