What To Do

If you get a card processing error then please check the information you entered.  If your information is correct then please contact us at [email protected] or at (503) 824-3900, and we will look into the matter right away.

Also, if you are using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) then try switching it off and place the order again.  Sometimes banks block a transaction that comes from a foreign IP address such as might happen when a person is using a VPN.


Why Contact Us

We are not able to see most card errors that happen and so it helps if you let us know when you receive such an error on our website, that way we can address the issue.


Why Card Processing Errors Occur

These errors happen for a variety of reasons, sometimes our web host has done some updates and in the process the transaction portion of our website starts to malfunction. 
On the other hand sometimes banks refuse a transaction for any of a variety of reasons from suspected fraudulent use of your card to your card’s limit having been reached for the day.  Sometimes the problem is even a simple technical issue on the bank’s end like a down internet connection or a hiccup in a new update they just installed.